Naturescaping at cottageclub!

"We still do not know one thousandth of one percent
of what nature has revealed to us." - Albert Einstein

What Is Naturescaping At CottageClub?

If you're curious about native plants, interested in beautiful low maintenance landscaping or concerned about water quality - you may be interested in naturescaping.

Naturescaping is a method of landscape design that restores what mother nature created by reclaiming plants that are native to a land area. It is a revitalization practice that seeks to conserve, protect and restore the lands and waters on which our quality of life depends.


We're Big Fans of Naturescaping

Extensive conservation studies, consultations with eco-conscious leaders, and sustainable landscaping practices have helped us to preserve many of the beautiful places right here at Ghost Lake - where people and nature can live in harmony.

By reclaiming the native plants back in to the region, we attract and permit beneficial insects and birds to flourish. Naturescape focuses on native plants because they’ve already proven to be hardy and require minimal watering. Landscaping that sustains biological life, such as the grasses, trees and shrubs that have been growing here for centuries require minimal human influence after they are established and keep waterbodies healthy. By placing complimentary native plants together, the plants themselves do the natural weeding of the area.

At CottageClub, lot owners are encouraged to landscape with a low impact approach and to incorporate native plants and trees on their lots. Lot owners are finding it rewarding to keep with the original native grasses, flowers, shrubs, and trees that over thousands of years have established their validity to live and to flourish with little to no maintenance.


Benifits of


  • Low Maintenance

    Native plants evolved to thrive in local conditions. They do not require extra watering (except during establishment), chemical pesticides and fertilizers, or frequent pruning.

  • Health & Wellbeing

    Traditional landscaping uses large amounts of pesticides and fertilizers, some of which are suspected carcinogens. During rains, these chemicals often run off into public water supplies.

  • Enhances Livability

    An ecologically functional landscape offers rich plant diversity, beautiful scenery and a natural wildlife habitat. It is cleaner and healthier benefitting both people and nature.

  • Save Time & Money

    The cost of maintaining a naturescape is significantly less than that of a traditional landscape - a naturescape essentially takes care of itself - saving you time as well.

Want to know more about Naturescaping?

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Want to know more about Naturescaping?

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