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CottageClub’s commitment to providing innovative building options for sustainable lake side cottages has set the standard for eco-friendly recreational properties since the community was founded.

Today CottageClub is a leader in Green Building technologies and our most current selection of eco-conscious cottage options are no exception.

Introducing GreenSpaces Geothermal
Innovative. Resourceful. Sustainable

The Sea Can Cottage

Sea Can cottages are intelligently repurposed Sea Can containers that are skillfully transformed into Sea Can cottages. CottageClub Sea Cans are remodelled to lock up stage, transported and masterfully finished on-site. There are various floorplans available and the cottages are extremely strong and durable. Sea Cans cottages are a high quality and energy-efficient option for cottagers who:

  • Seek to lower utility bills
  • Are budget conscious
  • Support renewable building practices
  • Want to minimize their ecological footprint
  • Are interested in turning their cottage into a NetZero home by adding a PV Solar system
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Sea Can Cottages

Alberta Made Geothermal Powered Cottages

Geothermal installs in CottageClub uses Alberta oil and gas technology, equipment and crews. Doing our part to help support Albertans and create a more resilient economy.

A geothermal system (also known as geo-exchange, or ground source heating & cooling) uses renewable energy from the earth to provide cottages with year round heating and cooling.

Geothermal systems are extremely energy-efficient, environmentally clean and safe and a cost effective way to heat and cool your cottage.

Geothermal can replace Natural Gas as your cottage primary heat source plus you get cheap air conditioning as a bonus!

Rather than burning gas, propane or oil, geothermal systems use the earth as a heat exchanger to provide year-round heating and cooling of virtually any type of building in any type of climate.

  • In the winter, the system extracts energy from the ground to provide heating.
  • In the summer, the system reverses and deposits heat from the house back into the ground to provide cooling.
  • The energy extracted from the ground is renewable, it comes from the sun. Almost 50% of the sun’s daily energy that hits our planet is absorbed by the ground.
  • Geothermal technology captures this energy to create a heating system using 80% less energy than conventional heating systems.
  • When the system is operating, it also produces free domestic hot water pre-heated.
  • The typical efficiency of this process is around 450%-500%. Electric heat by comparison is only 100% efficient, this is where the 80% electricity savings occur.
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PV Solar System Technology

A photovoltaic system, also known as a PV Solar systems are:

  • Designed to supply usable solar power by means of photovoltaics
  • A method for generating electric power by using solar cells to convert energy from the sun
  • Extremely efficient converting sunlight into electricity.

Advantages to using the PV Solar System on your cottage include:

  • electricity produced by solar cells is clean and silent
  • PV Solar Systems do not use fuel other than sunshine and therefore:
    • do not release any harmful air or water pollution into the environment
    • do not deplete natural resources
    • do not endanger animal or human health
  • Solar energy is a locally available renewable resource
  • They are reliable and have low maintenance
  • They reduce electricity bills*

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* Savings depends on the size of the solar system and your electricity or heat usage.

SAIT Partnering

SAIT Green Building Technology Team

CottageClub & the SAIT Green Building Technology Team have teamed up together to improve the energy efficiency of existing and new cottages at CottageClub Ghost Lake. With every lot purchase from the developer, we will pay up to 10 hours of planning time with SAIT’s lead architect David Silburn, and his team. It’s our way of encouraging enviro-conscious stewardship in our community, and assisting you in planning the sustainability side of your cottage design.

SAIT is providing CottageClub owners with affordable ways to achieve net zero energy construction, reduce utility bills and educate cottage owners about high performance building envelopes, mechanical systems, advanced energy monitoring and renewable energy. SAIT will:

  • Analysing your Cottage Energy Requirements based on your proposed cottage design
  • Planning your Cottage Orientation to maximize Solar options
  • Analysing your Building Envelope Design to Lower Energy Requirements
  • Size out what your cottage would require for an Alberta made Geothermal Heating/Cooling system
  • Detail out any Passive Solar Windows, Thermal Solar requirements, PV Solar requirements all to take advantage of free energy
  • Educate you in material selections and operating options all in an effort to lower your Carbon Footprint
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If you're curious about native plants, interested in beautiful low maintenance landscaping or concerned about water quality - you may be interested in naturescaping.

Naturescaping is a method of landscape design that restores what mother nature created by reclaiming plants that are native to a land area. It is a revitalization practice that seeks to conserve, protect and restore the lands and waters on which our quality of life depends.

Free copy of our CottageClub Naturescape Manual

Sheet Flow Storm Water Management

A first in Alberta. We did not strip and grade the CottageClub site like a typical development. Rather we were able to prove through detailed Engineering that a Sheet Flow Stormwater Management model will work at this CottageClub location. This allowed us to perverse the native trees, shrubs, grasses and flowers to the greatest extent possible. This also ensure the community has minimal landscaping expense.

Material Management of Gravels etc. on Site

When we started this development a 10-acre burrow pit 35 feet deep sat in the south east corner of the project. This area was used by City Power to build the dam and subsequently used by the Municipalities in the area as a gravel source.

At the water front at the west end of the development a cliff existed 55 feet straight up off the lake edge. We lowered the cliff by 25 feet then sloped it back at roughly a 3 to 1 slope. This allowed us to move 140,000 cubic meters of pit run material from the waterfront back into the south east corner and reclaim the old burrow pit location. At the same time we crushed enough gravels to build all the roads within CottageClub, the 1A- Highway intersection and Range Road 60.

We are also proud that we were able to re-vegetate the waterfront area with the same material that existed before we took the cliff down. By stripping off the material in this area, storing it and then replacing it in a little over 2 months the material did not start decomposing. What this means is today we have the same wild grasses, shrubs and flowers that existed on the cliff prior to development.

Sand at the beach came from pockets of sand found with CottageClub that we were able to reuse.

Wildlife Fence Around the Perimeter of the Property

You will notice we have a unique fence design around the perimeter of CottageClub. This fence was designed 5 feet in height to ensure animals such as deer could go over the fence.

For children’s safety the rails on the fence are located on the exterior and the mesh on the fence is 2 inches wide by 4 inches high designed so a small child cannot crawl over the fence.

The fence design also fits nicely into the ranching heritage of the area

Architectural Controls

Our AC’s ensure high quality, low-maintenance cottage exteriors and preserve the vision for our community. Materials are sourced within 100 miles when possible and materials with long life cycles are encouraged. We support “Canadian-Made” products that are built to last!

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