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Christmas At The Cottage -  Our Top Ten List

Posted On: 18.12.22

Fluffy white snow, the scent of pinecones and the peace and tranquility of the quiet outdoors - it doesn’t get much better. Once the shopping is done and the list is checked off, escaping to your cottage is the perfect way to unwind and enjoy Christmas with your family and friends. Think cozying up by the fireplace, skating on the lake and hot chocolate around the bonfire. Whatever your tradition may be, your cottage can be a winter wonderland during the holidays. Here are our favourite picks of things to do at the cottage this festive season (CottageLife feature).

  1. Build an igloo - If the snow's right, an igloo is a great project for a winter's day.
  2. A cozy fire - Light the fire, add a blanket, and you won't have to move until spring.
  3. Playing in the snow - Whether you've got kids or not, playing in the snow is just more fun when you're surrounded by peace and quiet.
  4. Snowshoeing through the woods - Whether you have old-fashioned wooden snowshoes or modern fibreglass ones, they'll guarantee you can trek through the winter woods without sinking up to your knees in snow.
  5. Only eating things that can be cooked over the fire - OK, you could eat marshmallows for dinner - but you can also bake potatoes, roast chestnuts, toast bread and bake apples. Why bother heading to the kitchen when a fireplace will do?
  6. Peace and quiet - That feeling when the snow muffles all the sounds and everything is totally still.
  7. Seeing the landscape from a whole different perspective - With no leaves on the trees, you'll get a whole different view of the landscape.
  8. Walking (or skiing) across the lake rather than driving around it - The thrill of walking across a frozen lake never gets old.
  9. Have a winter campfire - No mosquitoes and a view of the stars you just won't get in the summer - that's the joy of winter campfire. Bring out some hot chocolate and add roasted marshmallows for extra decadence.
  10. Feeling cozy with your nearest and dearest - or all by yourself - Whether you're with family or enjoying some glorious solitude, there's no better place to feel cozy than the cottage. Enjoy!

Christmas at the cottage provides a wonderful setting to get you into the holiday spirit. Whatever your holiday tradition, spending the time at the cottage is an idyllic way to celebrate the season. To find out more about purchasing the family cottage you have always been dreaming of visit us at CottageClub Ghost Lake!

*Credits - CottageLife - 25 things we’re looking forward to at the cottage this winter, By Sara Laux

Merry Christmas

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