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Thanksgiving Hacks For The Cottage

Posted On: 18.10.01

Thanksgiving Hacks For The Cottage.

Thanksgiving at the cottage is a special time to relax with family and friends. With the holiday weekend nearing, here are four ways to hack your Thanksgiving feast, so you can get dinner on the table and still have time to kick back.

Do as much as you can ahead of time

Popular Thanksgiving side dishes like squash, pumpkin soup, gravy and pie crust — can be made and frozen in advance, then simply reheated. Others, like stuffing, can be prepared a couple of days ahead, then popped in the oven on the day itself. 

Keep it simple

Take the pressure off yourself and keep things simple. If you’re not expecting a big crowd cook a turkey breast, rather than a whole turkey. Make one pie, rather than three or try the local bakery and give yourself a break from baking. Keep the scope of the meal manageable. The less food prep you have to worry about, the more you can enjoy other things this long weekend. 

Keep everyone busy

Cottage kitchens can be compact. If yours is small, and friends and family are underfoot, give them something to do while you’re working. Organize an afternoon nature hike hike or a spirited board game. Get the kids to make place cards with phrases illustrating something for which they are thankful. Or if you need help with dinner, make up a specific list of "who-does-what" and delegate.

Remember to relax

Don’t sweat the small stuff. Let it go and enjoy the really important things. You’ve got your loved ones around, people are having a good time, and you’re at the cottage - what could be better? Take time out to savour the moment. The dishes can wait! Give your pots a rinse, stack them in a plastic laundry basket, and put them out of sight to wash later. 

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. We hope these Thanksgiving hacks will help you to enjoy the holiday so you can spend more time with those that matter most to you.

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Credits: Cottagelife Article - By Sara Laux, Updated  June 12, 2017

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