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Long Weekends At The Cottage

Posted On: 18.07.31

Long Weekends At The Cottage

It's the long weekend and it's time to have fun. One extra day away from the office... what could be better! If you're lucky enough to be at the cottage this long weekend here are a few tips for a fun getaway.


When is the last time you left the cell phone alone for more than a couple of hours? Can you even remember? Although we can't just forget our commitments entirely, the cottage is a great place to take a break from "work mode" for awhile. So turn off the phone and enjoy some well earned rest and relaxation.

Cook Outside In Nature

Summer at the cottage is an ideal place to eat as many meals as you can outside. BBQ some corn on the cob, add butter and enjoy. Savour delicious s'mores right off the campfire during a card game. Or try cooking a new recipe in an outdoor wood burning pizza oven while you enjoy the view.

Mornings On The Lake

Pack a breakfast "to go" and set sail on the lake first thing in the morning. Every cottager should hit the lake at sunrise at least once in their lifetime. Paddle a canoe, go fishing or water ski, and catch the beauty and calm of your surroundings in the early hours of the morning.

Set Up A Hammock

A hammock is the perfect place to read a book or unintentionally fall asleep to the sounds of the birds or the water. There is nothing like having an afternoon snooze in a hammock on the beach and then taking a refreshing dip in the lake afterwards.

Go On A Hike

What's more refreshing then stretching your legs and enjoying the world like mother nature intended? Grab a bottle of water and explore a nearby trail or forested area near the cottage. While your at it, pick a bouquet of wild flowers for your dinner table or your neighbour.

Look To The Stars

Without city lights to pollute the sky, stargazing at the cottage can be an extraordinary experience. Find the best vantage point and discover what stars, satellites and constellations you are seeing by using an app. Make it an evening ritual with the whole family.

Play A Game

Since summer cannot be hot and sunny all the time you can still have fun indoors. Boardgames and card games are always a fan-favourite. Why not  try one you haven’t before or invent even invent your own. 

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