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Enjoying Ghost Lake - Boating Safety Tips

Posted On: 18.07.23

Enjoying Ghost Lake - Boating Safety Tips

It's summertime on beautiful Ghost Lake and there is much to do - swim, waterski, wake board, windsurf, canoe, sail, fish or relax on the beach all summer long and of course... there's boating! Here are a few boating safety tips for an enjoyable and safe adventure.

1. Be Visible. 

See and be seen. Visibility is key. Make sure you have a clear view of your surroundings and other boaters can see you.

Tip: On a sunny day, wear polarized sunglasses to banish the glare that reflects off the water.

2. Be Prepared. 

In Canada you are required to have a lifejacket and personal floatation device on board for every person on a watercraft. Lifejackets are most effective when worn snugly and zipped up.

Tip: Look for a lifejacket or PFD with a label that says it has been approved by Transport Canada, the Canadian Coast Guard, or Fisheries and Oceans Canada. 

3. Know How To React.

If you fall out of a boat, keep calm in order to conserve energy until a rescue crew arrives. Relaxing is also the best way to stay afloat. Breathing deeply gets more oxygen into your body and lowers your body density, keeping you buoyant.

Tip: Lying back helps you to float, because it makes it more difficult for water to flow around your outstretched body and force it downward.

4. Boat Responsibly.

Boat like you’re driving defensively on the road. Many boating accidents are caused by the same factors that cause car accidents, including speed, poor visibility, drinking or careless driving.

Tip: Bring your safe driving habits when you’re operating a boat. If your boat has a motor, you’ll need to bring your boating license. 

The gated community of CottageClub is situated on the eastern shores of Ghost Lake where the Bow and Ghost Rivers meet. The pristine lake water is clean and the area less crowded than you’d expect, especially compared to other developed lakeshores in Alberta and BC. Lake usage is year round and captivating mountain views from CottageClub sweeping west across the lake are reminiscent of beautiful Lake Louise.

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