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Staying Fit During Winter

Posted On: 18.01.18

Staying Fit During Winter

Don't let the cold weather keep you from staying fit and healthy this winter. Beyond the physical health benefits, staying active can also improve your mood, reduce your risk of depression, boost self-esteem and increase your ability to deal with stress. Exercise can actually help minimize your winter blues, and you'll be in better shape once the warmer weather arrives. Here are a few simple fitness strategies to get you through the winter months:

1. Stay Focused - Many people see the colder weather as an excuse to cover up and hibernate, but a fit and healthy body requires activity. To get motivated, focus on how good you feel after you exercise. Exercise will increase your energy level, mental and physical fitness, and chances are you'll sleep better. Moreover, by staying in shape through the cooler months you won't have to worry about losing weight for the Spring.

Tip: Colder weather means it take longer for your muscles to warm up. Get your blood flowing and avoid injury caused by stiff muscles by properly warming up inside before a workout (try stretching, indoor cycling, or yoga as a starter).

2. Buddy Up - Working out with a buddy is great for accountability and even some friendly competition. A work out buddy can motivate you to show up and stay true to your goals. Workouts can be more fun if there is someone to share in the sweat, tears and laughs. They can also bring variety to your fitness regimen, making it more interesting and enjoyable.

3. Get A Dose Of Vitamin D - Get outdoors and get some sun. Sunshine and daylight provide a boost in energy, and vitamin D from the sun helps to regulate the immune system. You'll feel happier, more energized and build up your immune system. Just remember to wear your sunscreen if your sun is exposed for more than 10-15 minutes (yes, even in the winter).

4. Try A Winter Sport - Now is the time to take advantage of some cool activities like skating, cross-country skiing, snow shoeing and snowboarding. Even a snowball fight can be a great cardio workout, not to mention a fun time. You'll also burn more calories during your winter workout because the body works harder to regulate its core temperature in cooler weather.

Tip: Get the whole family involved by taking a group ski lesson or going for a hike. 

5. Skip The Baggy Clothes - It's easy to start wearing baggy, comfy clothes when temperatures are frigid, but this can be problematic. Oversized clothes are deceiving because you can't gauge if you're eating too much pasta or dessert. Then reality hits when the weather warms up, the layers come off and you realize that you're sporting a few extra pounds. Stick with clothes that are properly fitted so you can keep better track of your ideal weight. It's also easier to layer well fitting clothes which will keep you warm and comfortable during your outside workouts.

6. Master Something New - Learning something new tends to create excitement and hold your interest longer, so try a new workout at home or join a class. Take the opportunity this winter to try out new ways to get active. Check out what your local recreation centre has to offer. If group exercise doesn’t appeal to you, explore fitness online Apps or if your budget allows, look into one-to-one classes with a personal trainer.

Tip: Set a goal for the spring, like running a marathon or taking a vacation. With a goal or vacation to work towards, you'll be more likely to stay motivated.

7. Be A Kid Again - Go out and play, just like when you were a kid. Remember those days? Take the dog or your kids for a walk to the park. Build a snowman with a carrot nose. Have a snowball in your backyard. It doesn't have to be planned or complicated, just get out and get active. A few hours of physical activity each week is a great way to burn calories and truly enjoy the winter season.

Tip: Keep in mind that since your activities can get reduced during the winter chill, it's important to monitor your nutrition. Pay attention to what you eat and make sure to drink enough water to stay hydrated.

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