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Autumn Fun At The Cottage

Posted On: 17.10.14

Autumn Fun At The Cottage

With the summer cottage season behind us and a chill in the air, it's time to embrace another fall season and find news ways to enjoy the outdoors. Autumn in Alberta is a breathtaking time of year with vibrant colours, crisp mountain air and captivating sunsets...and what better way to enjoy this beautiful season than a fall picnic? The following tips by Jennifer Bragg (CottageLife writer), will help you make the most of this special time of year. 

Double-up on the blankets

A picnic in any season demands a comfortable blanket to spread out on, but in fall weather you should pack an extra blanket (or two) to cozy up under as well. When you’re all bundled up you’ll be able to relish the crisp, fresh air on your face without catching a chill.

Pack warm meals

Coleslaw and pasta salads are perfect for summer picnics, but fall outings call for warm, hearty meals that will nurture your body. Delicious options include stews, baked dishes, roasted vegetables, and toasted sandwiches. And if you’re worried that it’s hard to pack hot food for a picnic it’s even easier than keeping those summer goodies nice and cold. Soups and hot drinks will stay toasty in thermoses and insulted bags or coolers will keep other dishes warm until you’re ready to chow down. 

Design it to fit the setting

The rich hues of the fall foliage are so inspiring, why not compliment them with a spread that plays on a fall theme? Choose blankets, napkins, and baskets in fall-inspired colours and fabrics. Add some fancy elements with real plates and cutlery. Maybe even show off a few DIY picnic decorations. It’s a fun way to embrace the season and enjoy a classy afternoon.

Break out the cheese

The hot temperatures of summer make cheese platters difficult to pull off. It’s a hassle to keep your fancy selections cold enough on the journey to the picnic site, and once you spread them out under the heat of the sun it’s a race to eat them before they start to overheat and turn smelly (especially if you’re a fan of blue cheese).

Shield yourself from the wind

Choosing the right spot to set up is a big part of any picnic. In the summer you might want to be right out in the open to soak up the sunshine. But in the fall it’s important to choose a location that will protect you from any harsh wind. Under the canopy of a tree is a great spot to picnic. While you’re tucked away in a sheltered spot, you can admire the beautiful rainbow of changing leaves right above you.

Get playful

No picnic is complete without some type of frivolous fun. Once you’ve finished with your delicious outdoor meal it’s time to pull out the Frisbee, fly a kite, or kick around a soccer ball. Running around will also help keep you warm. And remember that you’re never too old to enthusiastically jump into a big fluffy pile of leaves!


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