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What Is Geothermal?

Posted On: 17.06.15

What is Geothermal?

A sustainable and better alternative

For some people the decision about how to heat & cool your new cottage is not the most sexy or exciting part of the construction process. However, a good heating system is crucial and a major factor determining comfort and ongoing operational costs.

Most people will also agree that conserving our natural resources is an important mandate we all share in today's society. Where possible, we should aim to reduce our footprint on the planet. 

Geothermal technology offers a sustainable and better alternative compared to the conventional burning of fossil fuels. It can eliminate your natural gas, oil or propane usage, create tangible energy savings every month, and provide superior and safety. So what's it all about?

Clean & Renewable Heating

Rather than burning gas, propane or oil, geothermal systems (sometimes also referred to as geo-exchange or ground source heat pumps) use the Earth as heat exchanger to provide for year-round heating and cooling for virtually any type of building in any type of climate.

In the winter, the system extracts energy from the ground to provide heating. In the summer, the system reverses and deposits heat from the house back into the ground to provide cooling.

The energy we extract from the ground is renewable and comes from the Sun. Almost 50% of the Sun’s daily energy that hits our planet is absorbed by the ground. Geothermal technology captures this energy to create a heating system which uses 80% less energy than conventional heating systems. 


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