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Renting Out Your Cottage

Posted On: 17.03.04

Renting Out Your Cottage

Many people dream of owning a cottage property for obvious reasons. But what if you could make a healthy financial return on your investment? According to CottageLife Magazine, "the demand for cottage rentals is on the rise. What this means for cottage owners is that your property could be a cash cow. It was recently reported that demand for cottages is on the up and up among domestic and international audiences."*

Here are some tips on renting out your cottage based on Michelle Kelly's (editor of CottageLife Magazine**) advice:

1. Consider Using A Rental Service. If it's your first time renting, a professional service can help you find people, vet them for you and market your property.

2. Make A Small "How To Guide" For Your Cottage. Create a small binder and include helpful details like how your septic system works, where you shut off your water and other useful tips.

3. Check With Your Insurance First. Check to see if your insurance policy covers rentals, if not, add it to your policy for a small fee.

4. Decided To Include Your Boat With Your Rental? Make sure the renter has an operator card/license. Also, create a renters checklist that covers you in case of an accident and have the renter sign it.

5. Make Your Guests Feel Welcome. Why not leave them a bottle of wine or welcoming gift. You want them to feel welcome and enjoy their stay. If renters feel that your cottage is their cottage they are more likely to return. 

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Credits/ Source Info:

* Source info from CottageLife - view article

** "Tips On Renting Out Your Cottage" taken from Michelle Kelly, editor of CottageLife Magazine - view video

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