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The Benefits Of Solar Panels

Posted On: 17.09.11

The Benefits Of Solar Panels

Thinking about "going green"? Today more than ever before, many home and cottage owners are making an effort to reduce their carbon footprint and save money in the process. Not only is there is more awareness about protecting the planet and growing interest in reducing home heating and cooling costs, but a variety of tax breaks are now available to property owners making energy conscious technology (like solar panels) worthwhile. According to the Coastal Cottage Company, there are many benefits to installing solar panels on your cottage, here are just a few to consider. 

The first is "Clean Energy - The most obvious and important benefit of bringing solar panels to your property is the fact that these products produce clean energy with no negative effects on the environment. Because the panels absorb sunlight and transform it into electricity that can be used for power, you will no longer be reliant on the use of fossil fuels—such as coal, oil and natural gas—which emit harmful gases and have the potential to leak or spill, contributing to both pollution and global warming."

The second, a "key benefit of powering your home with solar panels is that solar power is a renewable source of energy. Unlike the finite sources of fossil fuels that power traditional electricity today, solar power will remain an option indefinitely because it derives its “fuel” from the sun. Although the exact timeframe is a hotly contested issue, many scientists argue that if we continue at our current rates of usage, the world’s reserves of finite fossil fuels could be depleted by the end of the 21st century".

Another benefit is the reduced cost, "while promoting green energy solutions is undoubtedly a reason many people opt to switch to solar power, perhaps even more important to many homeowners is the fact that solar power has the potential to reduce the amount of money you will pay to heat and cool your home and to provide electricity for your property". 

According to the Coastal Cottage Company another good reason to consider solar is the increased property value, saying that "real estate experts suggest that outfitting  your residence with a solar panel system can add serious value to your home should you decide to sell it down the road. In fact, suggests that an investment in solar power will pay for itself several times over the course of just 25 years after installation. Plus, the organization also estimates that the retail value of a $500,000 home can be increased by as much as $20,000 once a solar panel system is implemented".

Credits: Coastal Cottage Company,

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