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Buying A Cottage - The Checklist

Posted On: 17.08.28

Buying A Cottage - The Checklist

Buying the right cottage is an important and exciting decision. It starts with understanding what is important to you and your family. Your cottage and lifestyle should reflect how you wish to spend your time and resources. Here is a checklist to assist you in finding the perfect fit.

Questions To Consider:

- How far do I want to drive to my cottage? Is it important to me to be closer to home? Do I need to be close to the city? Is it important for me to be close to urban amenities and healthcare? 

- Do I want a smaller cottage to cut down on upkeep or a larger cottage that’s good for entertaining? Do I want an accessory building for extra space? Will I own the title to my lot? Do I need to build on my lot right away or can I wait until I'm ready? Are there qualified builders on-site?

- Do I want my cottage situated in an area where I can enjoy the quiet solitude of nature? Or do I want to be closer to recreation and adventure? Do I want to live next to the lake?

- How often will I use my cottage? Is it important to me to have year round access to my cottage and the amenities?

- How does a cottage with year round amenities impact resale value? How important is this to me in the short-term/long-term?

- Is having a boat at my cottage important or not? What is the boat access into the lake? Where can I store my boat?

- Do I like to socialize with neighbours? Is being part of a community important to me or not? Are there places to socialize and meet my neighbours in the community?

- What kinds of amenities are important to me in the summer and winter months? What's available in my community? Can my guests use the amenities? Is there a Recreation Centre or Club House?

- Are eco-conscious building practices important to me? Is it important to me that the community is environmentally friendly?

- Do I enjoy sunsets or prefer the morning sun? Is lot orientation important to me?  Do I want a mountain view, a lake view or a view of the forest? How much privacy do I want?

- Do I want to retire to my cottage in the next 5, 10 or 15 years? Are assets built to a high quality standard that will last over time?

- Is security and privacy important to my family? Does it matter if my community is gated? Is the community family and pet friendly? Is there high speed internet? 

- Is the community professionally managed? Is there a Condo Corporation? Do they have a fiscally viable Reserve Fund?

Understanding your needs and wants will help you achieve a cottage lifestyle that you will truly enjoy. At CottageClub, our passion is to help you with the discovery process and to achieve your desired cottage lifestyle. Private tours of CottageClub, Ghost Lake are available by booking online, or by phone or simply drop by for a visit. A community guide will take you on a private excursion of the community and answer all of your questions.

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