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Posted On: 17.08.25

According to Team Clark "the average size of a home in 2013 was 2,598 square feet — an enormous increase over the cozy 1,525 square feet that was the average in 1973. As homes become bigger and mortgages grow to match, more and more homeowners are going to something much simpler and smaller: The tiny house. Usually defined as a home between 100 and 400 square feet, these micro-homes offer huge benefits, including lower overall cost, lower utility bills, a smaller carbon footprint and even the ability to move whenever you please.

Today’s average tiny house costs about $23,000, and as a result, 68% of all little house owners aren’t tied to a mortgage. Tiny houses can be built on site, or they can be easily shipped to the buyer, thanks to the fact that they will usually fit on a flat-bed truck. More companies that specialize in compact houses are popping up across the country, making it much easier for anyone to go small."

So what are the benefits of a tiny house or even a cottage? Here are just four advantages to consider.

They Are Less Expensive To Build

Tiny homes or cottages cost a lot less than an average house. In fact, tiny dwellings can cost only a fraction of a larger dwelling because you only need a fraction of the materials and you can find free designs on the internet . Also, it can be easier to get a loan payment if you need a mortgage to get started, since it's so much smaller than a traditional home loan. Or you might even be able to pay for the whole home in full and completely open up the ‘housing’ line item in your budget for other things.

Cheaper Utility Bills & Less House Debt

Since tiny homes and cottages are smaller and require fewer appliances, you don’t need a lot of power to to run them. Many tiny dwellings are also very eco-friendly - solar panels on the roof, the rain barrels on the side of the house, and composting toilets help to make bills less expensive and promote healthier living. Smaller houses can also result in "no mortgage".  WIthout worry about a  mortgage, you don’t have to feel the stress of making scheduled payments and you'll have money in the bank. 

They Simplify Your Lifestyle

Say goodbye to clutter and hello to a simpler lifestyle. Since tiny homes and cottages are much smaller than a house there’s no room to keep all that extra stuff. Scaling down will force you to declutter and only keep things that are meaningful or that you use frequently. You'll also spend less money on decor because there simply isn't the room to keep all that stuff. The freedom from too much ‘stuff’ can be a huge benefit  of living in a small dwelling.

Spend Less Time Cleaning

Home maintenance is very time consuming. In a tiny home or cottage you have smaller spaces which equals to less time and effort spent on cleaning. All that is required is light housekeeping. Your surroundings will be tidier and you'll have more time to do spend on other pursuits.

Team Clark Credits: Shannon Lee March 14, 2016

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