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Cooking In The Great Outdoors 

Posted On: 17.08.11

" Nothing Brings People Together Like Good Food". 

When you're at the cottage or the lake there's just something special about cooking some of your favourite foods outside. The best part is, cooking outdoors isn’t just fun, it can actually be good for you too. Whether you're cooking with a grill, BBQ or wood burning pizza oven, an outdoor kitchen has both lifestyle and health benefits! Read on for a few good reasons why cooking in the great outdoors... is a fantastic idea.

*Credits - Evans Coghill

It's Great For Entertaining

When your hosting a meal for family and friends you have to clean up your home just to have it get dirty again. But when your outside, a pretty table clot, disposable plates and utensils, and you’re good to go! Your backyard already creates the perfect backdrop without requiring all the work from you, while no pots and pans make post-clean up a breeze!

Host a Larger Crowd

Even with a spacious open concept, entertaining indoors can be limiting as to how many people can fit comfortably or the space you need for food. People are less likely to be sitting nearly as much when they’re outside anyway, as they gather around the grill and aren’t worried about carrying around those messier finger foods. So you probably won’t need as many seats anyway!

Grilling is Quick and Healthful

Customizing meals for those picky eaters is so much easier on the grill. You can even ask people to bring their own favourite meat or grilled veggie to throw on. And if you’re limited for time during the week, burgers, veggies and other meats are fast and easily prepared on the grill top. And did we mention, there’s health benefits? You consume less fat because the excess drips off the grates, while grilled vegetables and meats retain more vitamins and minerals. Win, win!

Regular Meals Feel More Special

Eating outside is more stimulating that the usual indoor routine. It can even make a quick bowl of cereal or pb&j for the kids feel more like they’re on vacation. They’ll also be more likely to hang around the table longer or play outside when they’re finished their meals. While preparing dinner becomes more of a social activity, since instead of being holed up in the kitchen, friends and family can chat and social as you grill and can help with side dishes and place setting. 

Keep Your House Cool

Turning on the oven during the hottest days of summer is probably the last thing you want to do. And the enduring heat that fills your kitchen afterward is equally as uncomfortable. You’ll spend less on utility bills not only ditching the kitchen appliances, but also not vamping up the AC to keep cool. And the added bonus; no lingering odors either! 

There are Health Benefits!

Studies suggest that eating outside actually makes food taste better! The fresh air lowers your stress hormones and blood pressure, so you’re more relaxed and even focused. When you’re stressed, you’re not paying attention to what you’re eating and don’t enjoy it as much. Plus, being outside is a natural mood booster. You can also get your necessary dose of Vitamin D with just 10-15 min in the sun a couple of days a week. It’s the perfect excuse to grill out!

*Credits: - Laura Britcher

If you're are foodie, crave rich flavour and authentic cooking experiences you'll enjoy creating your own pizza (with our wood burning pizza oven) or grilling up some burgers in a majestic setting at CottageClub, Ghost Lake. Sweeping views of the lake and breathtaking mountain backdrop make this - a one of a kind experience in any season! Cook a family favourite over an open flame and appreciate the great outdoors over a scrumptious meal that's sure make everyone smile.

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