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Why Belonging To A Strong Community Is Important

Posted On: 17.07.21

Why Belonging To A Strong Community Is Important

Humans by nature are social creatures. We thrive when we are around other people. By participating in society we feel less lonely, have a more purposeful and interesting lives, make friends and mates, feel better and are healthier. We feel connected, significant, appreciated and safe.These days, however, with online social media, entertainment and virtual worlds, it's easy to become separated from meaningful human contact and even become isolated. Here are some benefits to belonging to a strong and healthy community:

Sense of Belonging - As human beings we need human interaction. We’re social beings. Some of us maybe need more interaction than others, but we all need some. Being part of a strong community can fulfill this need in a healthy way.

Inspiration – In strong communities there is always someone doing something new and exciting. This can inspire us to also try new experiences or to learn about something we otherwise would not be exposed to. Belonging to a strong community opens up a world of possibilities and new adventures.

Shared Support – Rather than having to learn from your own mistakes or successes you can reach out to the community.  Learn from others that have had an experience similar to your situation. Or if you are experiencing a difficult situation, the support of family or friends in a strong community can help you to deal with the circumstances and get you through the tough times.

Fun – Because we are social creatures, when you're part of a community there are always social activities to get involved with. You can enjoy common interests with other members of your community and have loads of fun together. Laughter and joy are essential to a happy life so having friends and having some fun are a vital part of life.

Resources - No matter how smart you may be, or how gifted you are, it is literally impossible to know and do everything by yourself. By being part of a strong community you'll find people who have the expertise and skills in areas that you lack....and vice versa. This is a win-win for everyone involved.

At CottageClub, we believe that belonging to a strong and healthy community is a recipe for joy, growth and well-being. So we have created a unique resort community with world-class amenities and neighbours to share them with. Want to learn about the CottageClub Community? Come by for a visit and experience this truly exceptional resort lifestyle for yourself...and make a few friends along the way.

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