The Possibilities Are Endless


The Possibilities Are Endless

CottageClub offers a myriad of activities and amenities for everyone in every season. It's where special things happen and adventures unfold. Here's what one of our residents came up with...isn't it time to make your own "to do list" and let the adventures begin?

BY ANDREW STENGLER - 14 years old, son of CottageClub resident

  1. Canoe on the Bow
  2. Kayak on the Bow
  3. Camp on the Ghost River
  4. Camp on the Bow River
  5. Find swimming holes, swim and explore on the river
  6. Adventures up the Ghost Arm
  7. Motor-boating fun (wakeboarding, waterskiing, tubing, etc.)
    Motor-boating fun
  8. Visit Kimberley Island
  9. Fish (Trout, WhiteFish, Burbot
  10. Visit Canmore (55 kms away)
  11. Visit Banff
  12. Rock-climb
  13. Plant a tree
  14. Go cavingnear Exshaw
  15. Explore trails
    Explore trails
  16. Bird watch
  17. Nature walk (for animals)
  18. Build a fort in the trees
  19. Read book onthe beach
  20. Build a bike jump
  21. Swim inprotected swimming area on our beach
  22. Loop off the dock slide
  23. Read to children during “storytime” in the Club Hub
  24. Search for artifacts in the trees
  25. Play basketball
  26. Play baseball
  27. Play sand rugby
  28. Play beach volleyball
    Play beach volleyball
  29. Walk your dogby the Bow River
  30. Go horseback riding
  31. Golf
  32. Whitewater rafting
  1. Mountain climbing
  2. Research Aboriginal history
  3. Build a birdhouse
  4. Tan on the beach
  5. Throw a beach party
  6. Participatein a “cottagecrawl”
  7. Sky-gaze in the observatory during the day
  8. Star-gaze in the observatory at night
  9. Weed plants in the community gardenboxes and greenhouse
  10. Have fun on the playground
  11. Build a survival hut
  12. Volunteer for an Ironman Triathlon
    Volunteer for an Ironman Triathlon
  13. Do outdoor yoga (on the docks, beach, etc.)
  14. Organize a potluck dinner
  15. Play Xbox in the Club Hub
  16. Build a snowman
    Build a snowman
  17. Mountain biking
  18. Quad in the area
  19. Join a waking tour of the Ghost Watershed
  20. Cycle on our roads ordown the highway
  21. Cross country ski
  22. Downhill ski (Nakiska 20 mins)
  23. Toboggan
  24. Dog-sled on the lake
  25. Play ice hockeyon the lake
  26. Host event for friends, family or business peers
    Host event for friends, family or business peers
  27. Go ice sailing
  28. Go kiting on foot
  29. Go kiting on skates
  30. Wind surf
  31. Ice fish
  32. Teach children arts and crafts
  33. Have a massage in your cottage or on the beach
  1. Complete “fire caddy” training
  2. Go indoor bouldering in Canmore
  3. Have a movie night with popcorn in the Club Hub
  4. Plant potatoes
  5. Hold a guys’ night-out in the ClubHub and watch a hockey game
  6. Start neighborly interactions
  7. Think about what is needed to help support our community
  8. Watch newbies attempt to unload new boat
  9. Build a community campfire
  10. Have a pig roast
  11. Go geocaching
  12. Learn how to live sustainably
  13. Play “putt-putt” golf
  14. Access the internet
  15. River raft on the Bow
    River raft on the Bow
  16. Sea-doo
  17. Go paddle boarding
  18. Observe and learn about the dam
  19. Moped race
  20. Compete in a triathlon
  21. Take a “coyote”mentoring course
  22. Take the “polar plunge”
  23. Build a man cave
  24. Skip stones in a lake
  25. Make an Inukshuk
  26. BBQ on the beach
  27. Play frisbee
  28. Go golf kart riding
  29. Have tea with Noel
  30. Nature walk (for plants)
    Nature walk (for plants)
  31. Play volleyball in the lake
  32. Deep fry chicken wings on the driveway
  33. Play fetch with your dog in the lake
  34. Ride in a dump truck
  35. Remove logs from the lake
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