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Ghost Lake

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Providing a myriad of recreational opportunities throughout the year, Ghost Lake is one of the only desirable destination lakes easily accessible from Calgary. The lake is actually a reservoir created by Calgary Power Ltd. in 1929 and is still used for hydroelectric power generation. More importantly, this confluence of the Bow and Ghost rivers offer spectacular views of the Rocky Mountains and clean, clear water for recreational and sporting enjoyment.

Ghost Lake is situated on the edge of the foothills. It is named for the Ghost River, which flows into the east end of the reservoir. It is said that the name is derived from native tales of a ghost that prowled the river valley collecting the skulls of Blackfoot Indians felled by Cree warriors in battle. In 1873, the area was settled by Reverend John McDougall, who established a mission and cattle ranch near present-day Morley. The Hudson’s Bay Company also established a trading post near Ghost Lake in 1874.

Today, Ghost Lake has become a popular recreational and sporting destination for Albertans. The water is clear and inviting and encourages boating, sailing, windsurfing, swimming, waterskiing and so much more in the warmer months. In the winter, Ghost Lake accommodates both skaters, ice boarders and fishing enthusiasts. In fact, Ghost Lake provides year round fishing of over 11 indigenous species including lake trout, mountain whitefish and rainbow trout.

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Interesting Geological Information

Geology Of The Bow River Region

Geology Of The Bow River Region

Canada is comprised of three major physiographic regions: the Canadian Shield is the country’s geological core and is comprised of igneous and metamorphic rocks that are 1 to 4 billion years old; the Interior Plains sedimentary basin contains deposits from terrestrial and marine environments that are 560 to 10 million years old; and the Rocky Mountains, which were constructed by tectonic activity 170 to 55 million years ago.

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Interesting Outcrops
In The Bow River Region

Location 1 Cochrane: Bow River, 200m West of Highway 22

To access the location on the North bank of the river: head South on Highway 22, turn right (West) on Quigley, turn left (South) on West Edge, turn left on West Mitford, follow this road down until it reaches the river bluff – there is an open area between the houses where you can walk to the edge of the bluff, you will see a poorly defined trail leading down the bluff to the river, follow it down and turn left (East) when you can, you will be roughly at river level, you may have to push past a couple of bushes, but you will see the outcrop ahead of you.

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Interesting Outcrops In The Bow River Region
Interesting Boulders At CottageClub

Interesting Boulders
At CottageClub

This block of grey limestone has split in half to reveal a siliceous nodule. Why is it such a strange shape? Originally, this was probably a shrimp burrow, known as Thalassinoides – it was later infilled with siliceous fluid, which crystallised and preserved the shape of the burrow.

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